Client Testimonials

“Alexander's & Co were the missing piece to my businesses. After 30 minutes speaking with Alex Chrysostomou, Alexander's & Co  were hired. They were efficient, pro-active and provided me with advice that other accountants failed to mention to me previously. With Alexander's & Co on my team and managing my business accounts my business has become more efficient and profitable. An excellent accountant can make that kind of difference and I would not hesitate to recommend their team to anybody.”

Name: John Castro. Position: Business Owner. Company: Nethority UK.

I have run a family electrician business for many years and have had various accountants during my time. The level of service I receive from Alex Chrysostomou is over and beyond the level I have had from any of my previous accountants.


One issue in particular is that we have employed two apprentices over the last few years. Alexander’s & Co helped me through the whole process, from dealing with the initial applications to dealing with the colleges. Together with the impact of the numbers on my business, they were able to give me clarity on the whole subject, which far exceeded my expectations.


 Name: Andrew Kyriacou – AEI Ltd


Alex Chrysostomou is an accountant who really cares about my business. He helped me organise my internal bookkeeping system so that I could get some real information out of my numbers. I am now able to regularly analyse the profitability of each area of my company and has helped me enormously with the growth of my business. I have worked with many accountants over the years and none have shown the passion that Alex has shown in my business.

 George – IDS Ltd